Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas release of GF

There is a Christmas release of GF. A lot of work have been done under the hood on GF but the most user-visible changes are:

* All abstract syntax expressions entered in the GF shell are type
checked first. In older versions, an attempt to linearize a type
incorrect term could cause a crash.

* Partial support for dependent types and implicit arguments ala Agda.

* Improved parsing performance, especially for Finnish.

* Three new resource grammars - Romanian, Polish and Dutch, thanks to Ramona Enache - Romanian, Adam Slaski and Ilona Komorowski - Polish and Aarne Ranta and Femke van Geel - Dutch. Now the library covers the majority of the European languages i.e 12 out of 23.

* Visualization of Syntax Trees, Parse Trees and Word Alignment diagrams from the translate demo.

* Various bug fixes

Now GF also has its own web domain:

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